What is this?

Each picture is a play-on-words for you to guess. The solution is a common phrase, title, or person. New puzzle every Monday.

Example (mouse-over for answer)

Answers and Hints

Check out hints on the facebook page or the youtube page! Also, mouse-over text and captions on twitter/facebook are always a hint, however obtuse.

I do not post the answers. I feel people are far smarter than they give themselves credit for and will go much further when they can’t just give up. You got this.


If a non-trivial word appears in text in the image, it will not be in the answer.

If you see some variation of 47 in a puzzle, it’s merely an arbitrary number and its value is unimportant to the pun. Other values tend to be important.

If a character has a larger face, their identity is typically important to solving the pun.

The “am I right?” button strips all non-alphanumeric characters and capitalization from your guess and searches within that text for multiple spellings of the answer.

Always feel free to contact me for any hints, critique, etc.